Julie Hughes 2014 Triathlon Routes 

RUN: Runners will start from Blatchley Middle School. The run start will have the 12 and under racers lined up 10 yards in front of the rest of the field. Runners will run towards downtown on Halibut Point Road to the intersection of Lake Street and Lincoln Street, turning left onto Lincoln then running down the Seawalk to Sitka National Historical Park. Runners will circle the main loop (DO NOT cross the bridge) of the park, returning to the Seawalk, Lake Street and HPR and back to Blatchley.

The 12 and under course will turn around at Julie’s Bench along the Seawalk.

BIKE: Riders will leave from the Blatchley Middle School riding towards downtown and the HPR – Sawmill Creek roundabout. The ride will then continue out Sawmill Creek Road until Whale Park. Return via the same course and back to the bicycle staging area.

12 and under course will turn around at the Old Sitka Armory just before the Allen Marine shops.

SWIM Transition: Athletes will transition thru Blatchley Commons to the appropriate locker room to change and shower before entering the pool.

Julie Hughes Triathlon Rules

Have fun and be safe!

  1. No outside assistance. No participants 13 years or older shall accept physical assistance in any form except by a race official or their own teammate.
  2. Bikes start and finish on the bike rack in the transition area.
  3. Helmets must be buckled when riding a bike.
  4. No Drafting. Stay 3 bike lengths behind the rider in front of you, except to pass.
  5. Pool entry will be slide in feet first. No diving / jumping.
  6. No music, headphones, radios or cell phones while racing.

Enforcement of the rules and penalties will be at the discretion of the race officials.

Reference USA Triathlon Competitive rules for details.




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